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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: FACE UP TO THE FAT FACTS.

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: FACE UP TO THE FAT FACTS.:      My last blog on drinking seemed to generate a lot of interest .... probably not the contents of my blog but just because it was about ...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


     My last blog on drinking seemed to generate a lot of interest .... probably not the contents of my blog but just because it was about alcohol, a very popular subject. As some of you know I don't drink, in my University days I did, but rarely to excess because I couldn't see the point. As I got older I drank less and less as I didn't need it to have a good time or to boost my confidence or to forget life ... or for whatever else the reasons people have.
    Sometimes I'll have the odd small glass of beer but basically it does nothing for me. I don't need it. Do I have other weaknesses, of course, everybody does. ( e.g. Chocolate but only the 75% Cocoa kind but that's healthy anyway. )
Okay, my greatest health/fitness/nutrition weakness is a chocolate croissant. Most of my readers know that I nullify the effect of this with a 5 minute Glut-4 routine exactly 10 minutes before I have one. It works every time, why more people don't do it I don't know. Glut-4 workouts are so effective when done before eating any 'bad' food and yet the only people who seem to do it are a few of my clients, Tim Ferris and me ..... bizarre!
Simply put an experiment showed that about 280 seconds of intense exercise can increase Glut-4 in the muscles by 83% whereas 6 hours of lower intensity exercise (eg jogging) increased it by 91%. So 280 seconds of exercise had almost the same effect as 6 hours when it comes to increasing GLUT-4 levels. So which would you choose?
   The more Glut-4 gates that are open then the more sugar (glycogen) is sent to your muscles ... as opposed to fat storage. You can even get the effect with 60-90 seconds but I do 5 minutes because I get other benefits ... plus I'm a bit obsessive.
  Does it work with alcohol I hear you cry? Good question. Well the answer is yes.
If you are going to be indulging heavily one night then do a Glut-4 routine before you go out. To get the full effects then repeat this 90 minutes after.  BUT if you are going to continue eating and drinking badly all night then it won't work, obviously. It works for a specific meal or a few drinks over an hour or so and that's it.
  Does it work every time you do it? Yes.
The best exercises are squats, press ups, lunges, dips, burpees, squat jumps, sprints, etc. Do them quickly and with great intensity for the time period and that's it .... go and have your croissant.
 Please don't get confused with burning calories, this is not what's going on. Essentially the exercise sends a message to your brain that you need the energy, the Glut-4's are opened and direct that glycogen to the muscles. I like to think of it as a kind of trick because your muscles don't actually need it and normally this would have gone to fat storage but the brain doesn't know this.
 As an experiment about 4 years ago we went to Italy for a short holiday. We had pasta and lots of naughty things that I never eat and I did this routine before every meal, in doorways, bathrooms, side streets, etc. Sue said I looked like a right nutter but by the time I returned home my body fat % and weight were exactly the same as when I left ... Sue's unfortunately wasn't. (cos she didn't do it :) ).
    The next question is can you be bothered ? Well if you can't be bothered to do something for your health and well being that only takes 60 seconds, I give up.
     A recent study showed that only one minute of exercise a day,  (20 seconds of  cycling, rest, then repeat 5 times i.e. One minute), increased fat loss against a control group in obese people by 13%. This was done 5 times a week, so 5 minutes of exercise a week had this effect against those who did nothing at all.
 The World Health Organisation has just published figures which show that within 10 years 74% of UK men and nearly 70% of UK women will be
overweight... and obesity will hit 36%. The rest of Europe including Russia is on course to be
even worse ... and lets even talk about the US as that's of the charts!
       If you are overweight or worse and are reading this then DO SOMETHING and stop blaming everybody else or everything else. The head of the NHS in the UK said that a radical shake up in anti- obesity levels needs to be introduced. I read all the time about more funding needed for the NHS and yet the guy in charge says the way to close the £30 billion funding gap is to stop being nice to people 'cajoling', as he put it and instead get them to sort themselves out. I have a client, who has worked very hard and lost 25% of his body weight and an even greater % of actual body fat, in an effort to cure his neuropathy (diabetes). It takes consistent effort and mental discipline but instead the majority seem to be sliding into all sorts of problems, Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer and many others all as a result of what you eat and a simple lack of exercise.
    We are living in an environment of over consumption and bad food choices ... and there is a price to pay. If the people who are in the thick of providing health care and are at the coalface of witnessing the problems on a day to day basis then why don't we listen and take action ?
  Most of the changes can be quite small and in the overweight can make big differences, simple things, like cutting carbs, reducing alcohol consumption, taking a brisk walk. They don't have to be big statements like dramatic diets that never work or joining a gym or a Boot camp that you never go to.  Its all about doing things that are effective and that you will be consistent at for the rest of your life. Its a bit like lifting a dumbbell. You can lift a dumbbell 50 times quickly but lifting the right weight, slowly and in the correct manner and doing it consistently will have a much greater effect on your physiology.
   If you cut out carbohydrates and then go out on a bender or have too much to drink or eat on a Friday night then that's a waste of time because you'll never stick to your diet ... Never. Its basic psychology folks you don't have to be Jean Paul Sartre to figure it out. Real change comes in small but significant steps that you will do everyday for the rest of your life. Build on these changes as your health and weight improve.
    I will no doubt get some emails saying I am being too hard or preachy or I don't understand or its easy for you (that old chestnut), so let me be diplomatic for a change ... nah,... I don't do diplomatic ... basically I'm right and that's it. For Christ's sake sort yourself out people.
  And for those who have, or are doing something about their health issues, give your self a high five, do a Glut-4 routine and treat yourself to a chocolate croissant!

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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: LAST ORDERS ... DRINK UP PLEASE!

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: LAST ORDERS ... DRINK UP PLEASE!: Despite how much exercise people do or how well they say they eat, I find one weakness that tops them all and I use the word weakness delib...


Despite how much exercise people do or how well they say they eat, I find one weakness that tops them all and I use the word weakness deliberately.
Of the many client surveys that I have conducted I find alcohol to be the most difficult thing for people to control. Although it is a surreptitious addiction, many people are unaware that it is also a huge source of sugar and one that is easily consumed with great speed. Two glasses of wine a day has the same calories as 9 Jam Donuts a week! That usually gets there attention..... though some say 'but I don't like donuts' thereby completely missing the point. ... it's the equivalent is all I'm saying.
Would you eat one and half donuts every day ? ... thought not.
Even today I read that a large glass of red wine is the same as a chocolate bar. Its one of the few food/drinks that's has no ingredients label or nutritional value table. And guess what? It's the drinks companies that are fighting against the imposition of it.
   The problem is the social acceptance, non drinkers get a bad rap as being weird. Smoking use to be the norm, now we all know better. There is no question that certain foods, fizzy drinks and yes alcohol will one day be seen as a problem that has just been swept under the carpet. Am I biased? yes. I have seen several lives ruined by not only alcohol abuse but also by a creeping malaise that can affect relationships, work and cause physiological as well as physiological damage on many levels.
  If you drink in moderation then fair enough, its not going to kill you but I know people who eat very well and exercise three or more times a week but are overweight and they don't seem to know why. Well the answer is obvious when you ask how much they drink. They ALWAYS say about two glasses of wine a day .... Yeh, right, I believe you... and besides that's still 14 glasses a week minimum.
  So what do we do?
 The answer is I don't know, all I can do is make us aware of the facts and point out the harsh realities. The various illnesses linked to drinking are long and well documented but everyone thinks it doesn't apply to them.
  If I hear one more person say 'but its full of resveratrol', I think I'll scream. Lets clear up this myth once and for all.
Red wine isn't any better than beer, white wine or liquor for heart health. Essentially there's still no clear evidence that red wine is better than any other forms of alcohol at all.
Antioxidants in red wine called polyphenols may help protect the lining of blood vessels in your heart and resveratrol is one such substance in red wine.  It might, (that's might) help prevent damage to blood vessels and reduce LDL but these findings were only reported in mice not in people and furthermore ;-  'to get the  same dose of resveratrol used in the mice studies, a person would have to drink more than 1,000 liters of red wine every day'!
  Okay have we got this now.
  I am not going to list the negative effects of alcohol because its just too long and I know many of you have switched off already.... and probably ordered another drink!
  You cannot exercise away a bad diet or alcohol. Its all in what we consume and the food choices we make. Apparently Type-2 diabetes in young adults in the UK is already approaching dangerous levels and will soon be on a par with the US. Everyone talks about giving more money to the health service, why not deal with the causes of why the health service is creaking. Heal thyself.
 And its not just the calories consumed. The body clears alcohol from its system via the ADH pathway which produces certain by products but your body sees these by-products as dangerous, it wants to use them as fuel. This means your body will significantly blunt fat-burning close to 75% after just one and a half drinks. And it will stop using carbs for energy. Therefore, although very little alcohol will be stored as fat (less than 5%), the fat and carbs you are eating have an increased risk of being stored as fat.
Maybe I'm banging my head against a very big wall... but I try.
On a lighter note I heard the best excuse for not losing wait ever. A friend of Sue's had planned to lose 7 kilos so she could fit into a dress for a special occasion. She didn't lose any weight at all and when Sue asked her friend why not, she replied :-

           'I'm sorry Susan but I just forgot!'

 Fabulous ... anyway, 'Sante'



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Phil Jeremy Personal Training: WHY DO YOU AVOID EXERCISE ?

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: WHY DO YOU AVOID EXERCISE ?: I have been speaking to a number of people recently and a recurrent theme with most of them is the understanding of the importance of exer...


I have been speaking to a number of people recently and a recurrent theme with most of them is the understanding of the importance of exercise, they believe it and know that the health benefits are countless and obvious .... but strangely there is also a huge desire to avoid it.
Now if one invites the same people to a party where copious amounts of alcohol are served they'll go at the drop of a hat. They will complain of all sorts of physical ailments that prevent them from exercising and yet downing a bottle of wine presents no problem at all. They could be on a plethora of medicines which again they will use as an excuse not to exercise and yet the same medicines do not prevent them from getting drunk ... or eating all the wrong food. If I point this out they will laugh and say I'm boring. The ridiculousness and hypocrisy of this just seems to escape them completely.

      Instead of looking after our health which is the most important thing to a human being bent on survival they choose to abuse it and nothing will prevent that abuse. If they have a cold or a sore throat or a bad back, heart complaint or high cholesterol, even diabetes, chances are they will still head off for that boozy lunch ... but a little exercise, nah!
       Weird isn't it. The other excuse is that it's more fun going out than exercising. This is surely just perception as both can be fun and both can be boring and besides whatever you do it's how you do it and what you put into ... and your attitude that really matters.
        Often I find going out for dinner or lunch quite stressful, mainly due to the food choices available as well as the time it takes ... and are people really that interesting? As Alan Coren once said, 'If people were that entertaining they'd put them in the corner of the living room attached to a remote!'. And on the flip side, do I enjoy every run or workout ? Of course not but am I benefitting from it? Absolutely.
    Life is a balance but the statistics of people exercising and eating correctly is radically disproportionate to those drinking, smoking, eating badly and taking a plethora of prescribed medicines.
    It has been suggested that Doctors should prescribe exercise instead of medications, well of course they should but unfortunately they rarely do as people are inheritantly lazy and doctors know this. Patients want the quick easy fix of drugs and pills. A recent large scale study showed an increase of 13% extended life expectancy for those who take regular high intensity exercise .. and this is at any age and yet will people care or take action; judging by the statistics for out of control obesity in many countries, I doubt it. Often when parents are told that their kids are obese they just refuse to believe it and just carry on feeding them crap ... and these are loving, caring parents!
      Poor food choices are just a normal part of everyday life and the food companies just don't seem to be bothered at all, its astonishing. They will only change their ingredients or food labelling when forced to buy legislation. There are always exceptions but sadly not many.
    So how do you get started and fire yourself to take action? I think setting a goal is a great way of focusing the mind and body otherwise it's all too easy to just leave it .... which is unfortunately what most people do. The question is, 'Are you most people?'
    If you keep putting off eating healthily or beginning an effective exercise regime then unfortunately the consequences of your lack of action will be realised in some form of debilitating health issue at some point in the future. These are the facts and it's no good denying it or pretending nothing will happen because it will. If you are reading this and you think you are a little overweight, you are probably very overweight ... and quite possibly clinically obese. If you are not sure then have a fat test or some other equivalent, have a blood test, have a fitness test, have a heart rate test. Then when you have the evidence it may inspire you to do something about it.

                    'Our lives are shaped in the moment of our decisions'

   Stop procrastinating and DO SOMETHING. This does not mean joining a gym, buying some trainers and then just hanging out in the coffee bar. Make a plan and stick to it. Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.
    Healthy eating choices and effective exercise must become part of your life .. not a 2 week wonder. It is proven that exercising continually on a daily/weekly basis is the key to optimum health. It's never too late as the body will respond amazingly quickly once you start.
   Its time to take action, get up off the sofa and do something!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: WHAT I KNOW ... PART 1

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: WHAT I KNOW ... PART 1: Okay so I'm 60, just saying that sounds ridiculous but then we all think that even at 30, 40 and 50 so no big deal. I think it was Geor...


Okay so I'm 60, just saying that sounds ridiculous but then we all think that even at 30, 40 and 50 so no big deal. I think it was George Harrison who said that he went 'from 16 to 60 in 6 seconds' and you can't argue with a man who also said 'If everyone who had a gun shot themselves then there wouldn't be a problem'. I digress, it occurred to me today that at some point in life we become aware of the real truths and falsehoods that are told to us, we come to understand what really is bullshit and we tingle at the truly magical.
 I decided to write this to my son Alexander who is 23, it's not a list of do's and don'ts of how to live life because nobody really knows how to do that ... but there some things that I do know to be true. None of this is plagiarised its just me and my own musings ... Sue just said there is no chance of anyone thinking otherwise!

Never date a drama queen... or any queen for that matter.
All confidence is bullshit it's just that some people are better at it than others.
If you want something ask for it.
My friend Steve used to say 'there are no rules'... I never used to agree with him but if you think long and hard about this you'll see his point.
Drizzling rain is depressing, even on top of a mountain when people say its atmospheric, its not, its cold, damp and miserable.
If you eat crap you will look like crap.
If you don't like Joni Mitchell then I'm not sure if you have a soul or if you do, then you haven't found it yet.
Burpee Box Jumps are a bitch.
Entropy is a pretty scary concept but not too worry because none of us will be here anyway.
If you don't understand the true genius of how Alexander the Great solved the Gordion Knot then you have a lot to learn.
Eyes will always tell you how people feel no matter what they say or do.
Sunrise over Monument Valley or the Grand Canyon is a truly spiritual experience.
If you have more than 5 true friends then some of them aren't true.
Ultra-Marathon endurance running is even harder than you think it is ......
If you feel low or depressed watch Blackadder or Friends.
Mourning is not something you do its something you feel.
The Ancient Greeks were way ahead of their time.
Women should never fake orgasms ........ unless you are Meg Ryan.
Banks really do 'give you an umbrella when its sunny and take it away when its raining'.
Take as many chances as you can but accept the consequences.
Try to be born with a rich Dad ..... sorry Alexander.
.Awesome is a word that applies to very few things.
If you ever visit Liverpool don't try to be funny because you will fail ... they are born funny.
If you ever visit Italy don't try to dress cool because you will fail.... they are born with style genes.
Cry a lot.
Some people enjoy being cruel, its impossible to fathom but they do.
Smoking is the weirdest thing I have ever seen
If you feel something is wrong, it is.
Contrary to popular belief I have never experienced an endorphin release whilst running ... but I'm still trying.
Only happy people whistle.
If you are a footballer being paid £200,000 a week I expect you to score a goal every time you have an opportunity, no excuses.
I never remember food sticking in my teeth at 19.
You cannot define love ... it just is.
University is for having fun.
Angelina Jolie is a bit scary.
Not all hitchhiker's are serial killers.
We are all fragile.
The M6 motorway around Birmingham at 8 am on a wet Monday morning must be the most depressing place on earth... but I'm sure you all have your own equivalents.
If you eat the right food and exercise the right way you will be fit and healthy.... if you are not fit and healthy then you don't.
Your children are everything.
Sprinting is the most effective fat loss exercise.
Mountains are cool.
There is no known cure for jet lag.
Don't worry if you lie in bed till late when you are young because when you are older you'll be up at 6 am for no apparent reason ... so enjoy it.
If you believe you can do something or not... you're right.
Enjoy your own company.
Politicians speak a different language to you and me.
Don't believe the Hype
Butch and Sundance were cool.
and Sue just said. ... Go to bed when you are tired.

I could go on and on but you knew that anyway. Please send me your own thoughts and I'll put them in the next blog. Life's lessons are often won the hard way so please share.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: Phil Jeremy Personal Training: IN DENIAL OF FAT

Phil Jeremy Personal Training: Phil Jeremy Personal Training: IN DENIAL OF FAT: Phil Jeremy Personal Training: IN DENIAL OF FAT : “Even as your body betrays you, your mind denies it.” ― Sara Gruen , Water for E...


“Even as your body betrays you, your mind denies it.”
Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

Okay I've said this before but De-nial is not a river in Egypt!......but its what so many people do when analysing their fitness and health. I find it astonishing. The amount of people I talk to who tell me how to eat and how to exercise and what's right and what's wrong ... .and they are either overweight, obese, or just plain fat and are always ill.
 It beggars belief. Its like some poor guy living in a squat or rundown area of town with no job, no money and no career and no prospects for improving his life.... and then telling me how to invest and make a fortune. It really is odd.

 Let me tell you what all overweight people do;-

They are always on the latest fad diet.
They never weigh themselves and usually don't have a set of bathroom scales.
They drink diet coke.
They believe that they are fat due to their genes.
They all say they hardly eat.
They drink just a few glasses of alcohol ... well apart from weekends and parties, and lunchtime, and if friends come over, and if its a birthday, Xmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, celebration or just a social drink.
They have hardly any full length mirrors in the house especially not in the bathroom.
They own a huge amount of clothes (To try and hide the obvious)
They do not believe that they will get ill as a result of their weight.
They do not believe they will be a burden on the health service or family as they get older.
They walk a little and very slowly believing that's all they need to do to stay slim because the BBC said so.
They have very low lighting around the home.
They think that fruit is not sugar.
They won't read this blog .... (but well done if you have).
When it comes to exercise they believe that they are a non responder, so there's no point.
They hardly ever eat a full nutritious breakfast.
They believe healthy people are obsessed, blissfully unaware that they, of course, are obsessed with food.
They believe that lifting weights will not make them leaner.
They never take the stairs.
They think High Intensity Interval Training is dangerous and wouldn't work on them anyway because they are different to the rest of humanity.
They have a special injury which prevents them from exercising.
They do not believe that if they ate more (of the right food) they would lose weight.
They have lots of unused healthy supplements in their cupboards because they don't need them.

And as I said at the start, they all tell slim, fit and healthy people what they need to do because they know all about it.
 Now I will no doubt get a flurry of emails and messages telling me that fat people are beautiful too, fine, that's in the eye of the beholder but which ever way you spin this it ain't healthy... FACT.
Again I will get someone quoting the 'Daily Something' saying many people are fat and healthy, that's another myth. Have you ever looked at an analysis of their blood?.... thought not.
I could go on but the central point is that I have never met a client of any age or shape who did not lose fat, gain muscle and feel great as a result of improved fitness and health by following correct nutrition and exercise.
So firstly recognise you have a problem, second decide to fix it and third either get good advice or a coach or a book, (whatever works for you) and stick to the plan; and when you have achieved your goal realise that this new way of life IS your way of life, now and forever.

If you agreed with any of the statements above but are one of the 64% of the UK or US population that is overweight or obese then get a grip.......and do something about it, otherwise one day that river of de-nial will lead to a waterfall of problems that you are going to go over.
Take control now!